This birth video was one of my favourites to watch when I was pregnant – I found it so reassuring and inspiring.  There are so many incredible examples of Hypnobirthing techniques, it is difficult to know where to start!

The atmosphere they have created in their home is relaxed and calm, the lights are low, their hypnobirthing affirmations are playing in the background and she remains active throughout her labour, adopting positions that feel comfortable.  Their midwife is an absolute superstar, keeping her distance and only intervening when she needs to.  I love that she’s called Noula – Noula the Doula!? (sorry – had to be said!).  The father is a wonderful presence and exudes calm, he’s reassuring when he needs to be but for the main he just lets his partner get on with it.

I could go on but the video speaks for itself… a truly beautiful and inspiring birth